Welcome to Ghosting It Forward 2020!

Positively Impacting People 
with Something Positive

We've organized ideas for Ghosting your relatives, friends, neighbors, and even your co-workers! Use the tabs at the top to see ideas for Ghosting kids and adults, as well as "Virtual Ghosting" those in your life who live farther than a quick drive away.  You can also email your own special Ghosting ideas to life@ghostingitforward.org!

General Ghosting Ideas

  • Pay for the next person in line during an outing (museum, activity, or any event) and leave a ghost note for them to see.
  • Leave something special at your neighbor's door step with a ghost note attached.
  • Pack a bag with a small toy or toys and leave at a door where children live with a ghost note (or have their parent give it to them with the ghost note).
  • Send a card online or take cards in person to those in the hospital. In many hospitals there are volunteers that can deliver it to the patient rooms. Don't forget to put in a ghost note.
  • Leave a note that says something nice about the person -- they're friendly, or they've done a nice job of decorating their house for Halloween.
  • Carve a small pumpkin and leave an (unlit) tealight inside, along with a ghost note
  • Get a small plastic pumpkin (the kind that are used to hold candy) and fill with candy or small prizes
  • Cut out a construction paper ghost (be sure to draw a smiley face!) and tape a piece of candy to the back, then tape it to the door
  • Ghost your co-workers! Leave a steaming cup of coffee or a nice cold soda on your coworker's desk with a Ghost Note. Could also be nice with a pumpkin donut or bagel.
  • Create a sound recording (perhaps a short clip of a Halloween song, perhaps something that could be played/downloaded from the ghostingitforward website) and play it into the voicemail or answering machine of someone you want to ghost.